About Us

Nebeau was started in 2013 by two friends who believed that premium quality, professional hair products should be accessible to big and small salons alike. Whether you are a hairdresser who runs a multi-chair salon or a work-from-home stylist, you should be able to afford the best so that you can BE THE BEST.

Nebeau imports high quality cosmetics from established and renowned international manufacturers and brings these to South African salons. We consequently take the hassles of importation out of the hands of the salon owner.  Through proper procurement practices, Nebeau keeps products as affordable as possible, thus ensuring that big and small salons alike can have access to high-performance products.

Our brands are focussed on the hair professional to bring creativity and passion to their work every day. We therefore sell exclusively to salons and professional retail stores. If your local grocery store stocks one of our brands then it probably is not an authentic product and should be steered clear from.

Inebrya is the main brand imported and distributed.  It ultimately makes up almost 85% of our product range. Pettenon Cosmetics Spa manufactures the Inebrya range.  Nebeau is the only authorised importer of Inebrya for South Africa. Inebrya is certified MADE IN ITALY and complies with all the European guidelines and standards for the manufacture of safe cosmetics.

Inebrya has been in the international market for more than 20 years.  It is established as one of the top hair care brands in the world. Inebrya offers proven quality and immaculate results. Countless salon owners, stylists and consumers trust in the brand and testifies to its results. Inebrya’s philosophy is colour, colour and even more colour! Colour with high performance technical products, functional, professional and eye-catching packaging, and pleasant fragrances.

Tonology is a semi-permanent colour application for people who do not want to go the permanent hair colour route, but who still wants to express themselves through vibrant hair styles.

We also bring you Beardburys, a leading range for men’s grooming and styling. Look for these products at your local barbershop. And be on the look-out for Doctor Bald – the first shampoo for bald heads!

Our other product ranges are imported from Carobels Cosmetics, Spain, which has over 35 years’ experience in distribution and retail of professional products.  These products are certified MADE IN SPAIN.

We test all imported products to ensure that they are of the utmost quality and safe for use.

Our products are NOT tested on animals.

Our vision is “To empower and inspire every stylist to be the master of their own destiny”.  Nebeau strives to make it as easy as possible for every stylist to mold their own destiny. We make it our mission “To provide customers with good quality products at affordable prices, to enable our clients to do sustainable business”.

We will:

  • bring you result-orientated, high quality and functional products to make it easy for you, our customer, to be creative and successful;
  • endeavour to negotiate the best possible prices and will strive to keep products as affordable as possible;
  • strive to provide the best possible service every time;
  • provide constant business support and technical training to our customers to ensure optimum use of our products;
  • build lasting relationships with our partners and are committed to honest and fair business practices with our customers and the public;
  • treat others with the respect that they deserve;
  • keep our promises;
  • keep up with changes in the industry and look for new, innovative solutions in answer to your needs;
  • commit to fair labour practices and protect the rights of all our employees;
  • reduce our carbon footprint through environmental support programmes and are committed to re-using or recycling our packaging;
  • encourage grey-water systems and the use of bio-degradable towels to reduce the usage of water, which is a very scarce resource in South Africa.

We believe these values will be key factors in living out our vision and mission.

We also offer the possibility of:

  • Credit facilities;
  • Consignment stock for your salon;
  • Low / no delivery fees; or
  • No minimum order values.

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