With Inebrya Bionic straight you can be the next Bionic woman!

Dare to be strong … dare to be straight as a die … be the best Bionic straight … The new Inebrya Bionic Straight has the superpower to straighten hair- without any harsh chemicals or toxins.  It is totally free from Ammonium Hydroxide and is enhanced with Keratin and Collagen for restoring super strength and vitality!

The permanent straightening system is suitable for all types of hair.  The professional kit contains 3 extra-high-tech products that work in synergy and makes it possible to customize the straightening system, depending on the hair type, the hair condition and the desired result.

The 3 products are:

  1. Bionic straight Straightening cream – A latest generation cream for better hair traction during application, free from added Ammonia;
  2. Bionic straight Protective Restructuring fluid – protects, restructures and hydrates hair before and during the straightening action, and finalizes and completes the service afterwards;
  3. Bionic straight Neutralizing cream – creamy formula for perfect adherence to strands, keeping the hair perfectly drawn straight. Ideal even for thick and resistant hair structures.

The keratin restructures the hair from the inside, effectively reconstructing the sulphur bonds, thus enhancing the shape and consistency of the hair, making it more compact and hard wearing.  The collagen is responsible for cellular cohesion, revitalizes the hair and balances the hydro-lipidic layer, strengthening and protecting it during the treatment process.

The Straightening cream dissociates the sulphur bridges of the hair fibre, allowing the hydrolyzed Keratin to integrate with the hair structure.  It is specifically pH balanced to go to work on very porous hair, guaranteeing a perfect balance between the straightening effect, duration and tension of the hair.  The creamy texture makes the product quick and effective to apply right along the length of the hair.  The protein components speed up the process, offering the maximum treatment and cosmetic result.

The Protective Restructuring fluid prepares the hair for straightening and completes the result of the service, keeping hair healthy, whole and hydrated.  When applied to chemically treated hair it acts to balance the porosity of the hair.

The Neutralizing cream completes the straightening treatment, reconstructing the sulphur bonds and fixing the straight shape of the hair shaft.  Its creamy texture ensures perfect adherence to the hair strands.  It leaves the hair soft, supple, hydrated and shiny.

A full service can be completed within 45 minutes.  No heat required.

The Inebrya Bionic Straight will leave your hair healthy, hydrated and a long lasting permanent straight.

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