Use Ice cream for your static hair!

Static hair is a common winter problem.  Static electricity occurs when two unlike objects rub against each other causing the negative electrons of one object (e.g. brush) to transfer to the other (e.g. hair).  A negative charge remains on the hair.  But dry, damaged hair does not conduct electricity very well, thus the electrons stay there and are not transferred again causing the hair to repel each other. 

Use these easy steps to avoid static electricity in your hair:

  • Reduce the friction that causes static

Cut back on combing and brushing and use a metal comb or brush with natural fibers if you have to brush.  Mist your brush with hairspray before brushing rather than spraying the hairspray over your hair, as most hairsprays contains alcohol, which is a dehydrating substance.  Pat your dry hair softly with a wet-wipe or mist your hair with water.

We recommend you use the Inebrya STYLE-IN Logic Style lacquer or the Thermo Spray for this purpose.  You can also use Inebrya Ice Cream Keratin styling aids, such as the Keratin Texturizer, Keratin mousse of Keratin Styler.  These styling aids have excellent anti-static properties and contains Keratin that will help to improve the condition of the hair!

  • Improve the condition of the hair

Porous and damaged hair is drier and more likely to be static. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and try not to wash hair every day.  Allow at least 48 hours in between washes.  Allow hair to air dry as hair drying will further dry out hair.

Good hydrating ranges include the Inebrya Ice cream Argan range, the Ice cream Dry-T range and the Ice cream Liss Pro range.  If you are prone to allergies use can use the Ice cream Green Moisture range, which is ultra-safe and delicate, without compromising on nourishment.  Otherwise, treat yourself to a good treatment with the Ice cream Keratin lotion or Keratin Oil Elixir.  The Oil Elixir contains micro-keratin, macadamia and argan oil, so it is restructuring and hydrating!

  • Help your hair to conduct the electrons better

Switch to a leave-in conditioner.  Apply an oil treatment once a week to maintain moisture in your hair.  Apply a serum. Use styling aids that forms a protective layer around the hair and that add weight to the hair such as a mousse, styling cream or frizz free spray.

The Ice cream range has 3 different bi-phase leave in conditioners (the Keratin, Argan and Age Therapy).  What I love about these leave-in conditioners, is that they hydrate, restructure, detangles and are anti-static, but is totally weightless and will not weigh the hair down.

Static electricity is pretty much unavoidable in winter and the only solution is to keep hair healthy and moisturized. So why not reach for some Ice cream?

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