How to beat the VAT increase

The VAT rate has been increased to 15% from 1 April. This means you will be paying 1% more on all your purchases from suppliers. That means 1% more on your stock, electricity, your salon rent … basically anything that you buy from a VAT vendor.

But it does not necessarily mean that you can increase your selling prices with 1% and you might have to absorb this if an increase will have a negative impact on the demand for your product or service.

Because we value you as our business partner, Nebeau has decided to absorb the additional 1% increase on our products and will not let the rate increase flow through to you. That means that we will be dropping our prices excluding VAT to ensure that our final price including VAT remains unchanged.

This is not just a once-off monthly special. This is what we will do from now on.

Just another way that we are helping you do better business.

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