Megix bleach – a 9-level lift bleach to satisfy all your lightening needs  

MEGIX Lift9 

Megix Lift9 is a luxurious lightening powder bleach that offers extraordinary cosmetic results.  The creamy consistency of the bleach offers you no swelling and no flaking during bleaching. 

Megix Lift9 uses pigment dissolving technology that assist with up to 9-levels of steady and constant lift in just 50 minutes.  The Pigment Dissolving technology offers cool pigments that is resistant to the bleaching process. It neutralizes warm pigments quickly, while using lower levels of developer to look after the integrity of the hair giving you beautiful cool blondes. 

It contains bamboo carbon extract that prevents dehydration and damage to the hair to maintain strength and integrity. 


Balayage and Freehand highlights:  Mixing ratio: 1:1 to 1:1.5 for 5 minutes to 50 minutes. 

Foil Highlights:  Mixing ratio: 1:1 to 1:2 for 5 minutes to 50 minutes. 

Full Head:  Mixing ratio: 1:2 on the roots and 1:3 for lengths. 

Recommended oxidizers to use:  Megix 12 – 40 Volumes 

Do NOT use heat. 

Continuously check the progress in 5–10-minute intervals. 

Should you need to do a second application, just scrape or wipe the current bleach off.  Re-apply with a lower developer.  Do NOT rinse with water. 

MEGIX Lift+ 

Megix Lift+ is a creamy additive that eliminates brassy undertones during the bleach process when used on levels 1-5. The unique technology with blue-green pigment is created to refine and neutralize unwanted yellow undertones. It is perfectly designed to work in synergy wit Megix Lift9 bleach. 

Megix Lift+ contains plant-based Complex assisting with the maintenance of the hair’s integrity and colour longevity, giving perfect control whilst neutralizing the warm undertones.  

Megix Lift+ reduces the processing time of Megix Lift9 bleach. 


Add to bleach powder in a ratio of 10:1. Then add developer in the normal ratios.   

E.g.  10 grams Megix Lift9 with 1gram Megix Lift+ with 22ml Megix Developer (1:2)  

Megix10: Save time and money with Megix 10-minute colour

Megix 10-minute colour is the new Italian range created by hairdressers for hairdressers, to save you time and money. With this range you save up to 70% on time per service meaning that you can help the same number of clients in a shorter time (timesaving), service more clients in a day or add an extra treatment for your client in the same amount of time (make more money).

Clients can have their roots done in an express service before work, during lunchtime or quickly after work without you having to burn the midnight oil. In addition to saving time, clients will be less exposed to chemicals, thus reducing the risk of developing scalp sensitivities or allergies.

Why should you use Megix 10-minute colour in your salon?

  • Obtain the same performance in a shorter time compared to traditional hair colour.
  • The client can be in and out in 30 minutes for a root touch-up.
  • Make more money by fitting more clients into your day without compensating the integrity of the colour.
  • Megix10 offers 86 astonishing shades plus 6 high-lifters, giving you a total of 92 colours to choose from.
  • Achieve 100% grey coverage when using the correct formula.
  • The 10-minute colour is not progressive, meaning that the result will not become darker if left for longer than 10 minutes.
  • Clients are less exposed to chemicals preventing irritated and sensitive scalps due to an overexposure to chemicals.
  • Megix10contains Keraveg-18 amino-acids to maintain the hair’s integrity and to ensure longevity of the colour.
  • Megix10  is dual functional and can be used as a permanent-, semi-, alkaline demi- or acidic demi-colour.

How does Megix 10-minute colour work?

  • Megix10 uses micro pigment technology (“MPT”).  Because the pigments are so small, the cuticle does not have to be opened that much, resulting in less damage to the hair bonds.
  • The small and lightweight pigments of high quality, combined with the coupling agents, ensure that oxidation is fast.
  • The combination of lower alkalinity and lower pH ensures that the integrity of bonds is maintained.

How to use the Megix 10-minute colour

Megix 10-minute colour guide

Mixing ratio’s and leave-in times are as follows:

Mixing ratio’s for the Megix 10-minute colour


  • Cool natural .0 neutrals yellow/green tone
  • Warm natural .00 yellow/orange tone
  • True neutrals .00N True neutrals are perfectly balanced for superior grey coverage

For Grey coverage:

  • Below 30% – use any desired shade
  • 30-50%- add 5-25% True Neutral .00N
  • 50% + – 25-50% True Neutral .00N
  • Mix with at least a 21 Volume to obtain grey coverage

Ultra-lift blondes:   

  • 6 high lift nuances on the chart that gives up to 4 levels of lift, without grey coverage. 
  • Used with 40 Volume for 20 minutes 


  • This nuance can be used to dilute any other nuance
  • It can give ½ to 1 additional level of lift when mixing with 12 Volume or more.   
  • It can be used with Fix or Morph, to remove product build-up.   
  • Can also be used with Fix to add shine to hair. 


  • Enhancers are formulated to be mixed with other Megix10 colours, to enhance or neutralise tones, and is not recommended to be used on its own. 
  • You can add up to 50% to the colour mix, taking into consideration the level (darkness) 
  • The enhancers make it easier for stylist to transition from their existing colour range and to customise colour to your clients’ needs.

Megix10 Developers should be used with the Megix 10-minute colour

All Megix developers contain Keraveg-18 to retain and protect the hair fibers.

Fix is a 6 Vol developer that transforms any Megix10 colour into a toner.  This allows colour deposit without altering the structure of the hair. 

Developers are extra oxygenated to speed up the oxidation of the pigments.  Available in:

  • 12vol – 3,6%
  • 21vol – 6,3%
  • 32vol – 9,6%
  • 40vol – 12%

Other products to enhance the Megix 10-minute colour experience

Megix 1UP

1UP is a unique and innovative product that increases grey coverage, especially on resistant hair. It equalizes pH and porosity for improved and even colour deposit.

It is enriched with Keraveg-18, Niacin (Vitamin B3), vitamins and polyamine sugars (antioxidant).

1UP provides thermal protection during styling and protects against humidity and environmental damage.

The anti-age formula provides rejuvenation and increased protection for sensitive scalps.

Instructions for use:

Before and after colour service

  • Spray on dry scalp and hair. Delicately massage scalp and comb hair to evenly distribute product and facilitate absorption.
  • Proceed with service as usual.

Before styling

  • Apply to clean conditioned hair and proceed with styling.

Megix Morph

Morph lowers the pH level of any megix10 colour,  turning any of your 86 megix10-colours into acidic toners and demi permanent colours. Morph eliminates the need for multiple colour lines – less stock purchased and less storage space required.

Morph can be used after a lightening service without affecting the base to tone warm reflects.

Morph can be used as a gloss and glaze service, to gently refresh and enhance ends.

Morph reduces the ammonia odour of oxidative colour.

Morph improves the porosity of the hair.

Morph is gentle on the scalp.

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