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Quick and easy hair treatments now that spring is in the (h)air

So all of us needs a treatment now and then. Especially with the winter coming to an end and the summer approaching, we all like to have healthy hair with the “new” beginning of the cycle of life…

But…. We don’t have the time… and some treatments can be really time consuming. Even though treatments are so important for the beautiful hair ritual… you know, that “Hollywood hair” we all envy.

What about a 3-5 minutes hair treatment? Oh, yeah… that we can manage.

Inebrya hair masks can only take 5 minutes of our time… While we shave those winter legs… the treatment can do its job.  Now that is what we women like… multitasking…

With a wide variety of masks, we can choose the one that best suits our hair, Color mask for colour treated hair, Karyn for that deep shine and moisture, No yellow for that unwanted yellow undertones, Keratin for the chemically damaged hair, just to name a few…

Furthermore, Inebrya even has leave-in conditioners … so for those days we really just do not have the time, we have a solution… Ah… bliss….

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Step-by-step: Shecare professional protocol

Step 1:
Apply Shecare shampoo to damp hair. Massage gently. Rinse well. Repeat to open scales properly.
Step 2:
Divide hair in 4 sections. Spray the Shecare Reconstructor Spray over the hair strand by strand.
Step 3:
Massage hair carefully from ends to roots to facilitate penetration.
Step 4:
Cover with a cap and leave on for 5 minutes under a heat source. Do not rinse off.

Step 5:
Apply the Shecare Mask over the Shecare Reconstructor Spray, massaging strand by strand from ends to roots. Leave on for 5 minutes under a heat source.
Step 6:
Comb hair gently with an anti-static comb
Step 7:
Rinse thoroughly and style as usual.
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Step-by-Step: Pro-color protocol

Step 1: Apply the colour as usual.
Step 2: Rinse off the colour with abundant water.
Step 3: Pour into a bowl 15-20 ml Color Perfect Cream, mixing it with a few drops of Color Perfect Serum.
Step 4: Apply to all hair. Leave for 2 – 5 minutes. Rinse off.
Step 5: Only if there is scalp staining, proceed to wash with the Color Perfect Shampoo.
Step 6: Apply Color Perfect Conditioner to towel dried hair. Leave on for 2 – minutes. Rinse off.
Step 7: The Color Perfect Serum can be applied to wet hair before styling, or afterwards for a smoothing and anti-frizz effect.