7 tips to care for your hair this summer

By now we all have that summer feeling and counting the days until the holiday. But after our holiday we always end up frustrated with our hair…. it is dry, faded, unmanageable … Basically it looks like something out of a horror movie!

So here’s what you can do to prevent your hair from getting a summer smack down:

  1. Get rid of the split ends BEFORE you go on holiday

Before you go on holiday, book an appointment to get rid of any nasty ends.  That will prevent those ugly split ends splitting the hair shaft upwards and causing even more damage.

2. Cover it up or get that UV factor on

Just as you protect your face and body, your hair should not be any different. The UVA and UVB rays oxidizes the hair, making our colour fade.  Cover up with a nice scarf or hat, but if your prefer feeling the cool sea breeze through your hair, you need to use a UV filter.  So I use Inebrya Pro Colour shampoo and mask. Not only does it keep my hair from fading, it also contains UV protectors to protect my hair against harmful UV rays.

3. Protect, protect, protect!

The best protection is still a swim cap, but if you don’t like the pulling and sweating, protect your hair against chlorine and salt by wetting your hair thoroughly with clean tap water before you take the dive.  If the hair cuticle is already saturated with water, it will absorb less of the pool’s chemicals than when your hair is dry.  Putting on a conditioner or serum prior to swimming will also help to keep the damaging effect to the minimal. Inebrya has a wide variety of amazing serums that can be applied, and the Bi-phase leave-in conditioner will be an excellent sealant.

4. Lay off the shampoo

Although your hair might feel a bit greasier due to more sweating, any chlorine and salt water will clean your hair enough to skip shampooing a day or two.  Just make sure to rinse properly with lukewarm water after every swim.  You can also opt for a dry shampoo to further reduce stripping of natural oils.  The Inebrya Keratin Dry shampoo will gentle absorb excess dirt but will also help to restructure any damaged hair due.

5. Detangle

Seeing that pool and salt water will strip your hair from natural oils, it is imperative that you condition ASAP so as to seal the cuticle.  Leaving the cuticle open will lead to further colour fading, moisture loss and major tangles!  So apply a conditioner as soon as you finish your swim.  The Inebrya Argan Bi-phase conditioner is ideal, as it is a spray in a convenient bottle that you can carry around in your beach bag!   Instead of brushing, use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair easier and to help avoid breakage.

6. Hydrate – from both the inside and out!

Our hair is mostly made up of water so make sure to keep the follicle hydrated by drinking lots of water.  Healthy hair needs a healthy follicle.  Keep the lengths and ends hydrated by using a moisturising treatment at least one a week.  You can also use a leave-in treatment in the hair overnight.  Apply and cover with a towel, and wake up the next morning with soft and smooth hair. Make sure to use a leave-in treatment and not a rinse off treatment for an overnight wrap – yes, read the instructions on the bottle!  Using a rinse-off treatment will end up drying your hair even more.

7. Lay off the heat styling

Beach waves are so in fashion now so you can really lay off the heat this holiday. Flat irons, hair dryers and tongs are some of the tools we really can avoid.  Rather go for a wash and wear look, or cover it up with a scarf or hat.

Looking after your hair during the summer holiday is easy if you follow these handy tips.  And it will be a lot easier for your wallet as well come January when we need to get back into work mode.  But no talking about work now – It’s summer baby!