Smartstrips: Foils that breathe

Smartstrips is the first breathable highlight strip that allows the perfect amount of oxygen in and expels damaging gases out.

Too much oxygen during balayage and the blonding cream or powder oxidizes and loses its lifting power. No oxygen (when wrapped in foil, paper, or other meche brands) and the mixture swells due to toxic gases.  This hamper painting creativity, as well as increases the risk of overprocessing the ends or previously lightened hair.

The special composition of strips enables the entrance of the right amount of oxygen to obtain the lightening effects and the vent of gas that is harmful for the hair fibre.  They allow enough oxygen to stabilize the mixture during the process, while preventing total oxygen flow that would over-oxidize. The result allows the product to stay fresh longer and perform at optimum capacity fuelled by oxygen to achieve incredible results.  This occurs while ventilating the corrosive damaging chemical fumes that foil traps in – such as ammonia.

SMARTSTRIPS are Eco-friendly: they are not only easy to recycle, but they also strongly reduce their environmental impact since they are produced without using water or trees.  This revolutionary material is made up of 70% calcium carbonate and 30% polyethylene, that reduces the use of plastic resin by 55 to 70% when compared to most products present on the market.

SMARTSTRIPS are the future of bleaching techniques, bridging the gap between balayage and traditional highlighting.

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