Colorful, vibrant and versatile hair can easily be done and maintained at home.

Are you tired of the same old shades – the traditional blonde, brunette and red hues?  Would you like more versatility but without the commitment? 

Is your permanent cosmetic color all washed out and faded but you don’t have the time or money for a salon visit?

Meet Tonology Pure Pigments.

It is a direct, semi-permanent hair color available in 12 colors.  All the colors can be inter-mixed to create irresistibly, vibrant hair.  And if that is too much for your, tone it down with the Pastel mix for a more subtle look. 

Thus, for “shouting” hair color, use it straight out of the tube for eye catching, super-bright colors or highlights.  For “talking” hair color, mix it with the Pastel mix for a more romantic shade and feel.   The possibilities are endless.

Even if you just want to bring your washed out permanent hair color back to life, Tonology is perfect to enhance and maintain your shade but without a trip to the salon.  Do it right at home, with time to spare, as the processing time is only 20 minutes.

Colors are very vibrant, but to make the colors really “pop” it is recommended to be used on a pre-lightened base.  And remember that color results are always dependent on the condition and porosity of the hair.  But not to worry, Tonology also contains moisturising agents, so it will leave your hair soft, nourished and full of shine.

Furthermore it is very gentle on the hair as it is ammonia free and does not require the use of a developer.  No ammonia means less sensitivity. No peroxide means no more damage.


After shampooing, apply 20- 40ml with gloves and a tint brush to towel dried hair.  Gently massage and comb through.  Leave on for 15 – 30 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.

It is as easy as that.

The color is gradually eliminated trough washing and lasts about 6 – 10 washes depending on the condition and porosity of your hair.