Save money and the environment by switching to disposable salon towels

How much water do you use to wash your salon towels?  How much energy do you need to wash and dry these towels?  How much do the detergents and softeners cost you every month? What is the impact of these detergents and softeners on the environment?

Well, we did a calculation to determine the cost of washing your towels and it comes to about R1.80 per towel*.  This cost does NOT include the cost of the towel, the cost of the appliances, the cost of drying or the time and effort to wash, dry and fold the laundry.

Would it not therefore make sense to switch to disposable towels?  The benefits of disposable towels are:

  • They are 100% bio-degradable and are decomposed by naturally occurring micro-organisms into CO2 and H2O;
  • Made from certified renewable sources i.e. regenerated forests;
  • They are 10 times more absorbent than normal cotton towels thereby reducing blow-drying time by 40%;
  • They are more hygienic and eliminates the risk of cross infection;
  • No more towel odour due to bacteria build-up;
  • They are safer on the environment because detergents and other chemicals are avoided;
  • It saves water and electricity involved in washing.  Up to 44% less electricity is used;
  • It saves hours of laundry time;
  • Limited storage is required as it folds smaller than normal cotton towels;
  • They are soft, comfortable and just the right size.

You can reduce your carbon footprint by switching to disposable salon towels and in the process your salon can save money too.  We use so much water to wash our towels and the chemicals we have to use to properly sterilize the towels contaminates our precious water resources.

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*The following assumptions were used to determine the cost per towel:

  • A small salon washes 10 towels per load;
  • A new generation washing machine uses 30 litres of water and 7kw of electricity per wash;
  • Water is charged at R25 per kl;
  • The manufacturers recommend to use 150ml of washing powder and 20ml of fabric softener per load;
  • Washing powder costs around R30 per kg;
  • Fabric softener costs around R40 for 2 litres.