Inebrya Colour upgrade

During February 2017 Inebrya embarked on an upgrade of its standard tint range – the Inebrya Colour upgrade.  This entailed adding 14 new fashion colours, including 6 pastels.  The full range now consists of 126 nuances and is supported with a new colour chart that is 100% aligned with the actual colour result obtained.

The formula is pPd-free and enhanced with Linseed and Aloe Vera, which provides the nourishing and soothing properties to the tint and allows for maximum shine.

The range gives 100% grey coverage.  This is obtained as a result of the following:

  • The formula uses ultrahigh-quality micro-pigments,
  • The colour pigment used are free from mineral impurities, for excellent stability and duration;
  • The extra-high-precision technology based on stoichiometric rules aids the perfect bonding of ALL the coloring molecules during the coloring process, without any dispersion of remaining pigments;
  • All fantasy colours contains a component with a natural base – this means that the fantasy colour does not have to be further mixed with a natural to obtain grey coverage. It can be used as is.

As a result the risk of dispersion is eliminated, and the final result is un-altered and stable for a perfect, even result even on the most difficult hair.

For more information, contact your nearest agent.  Contact details are available on our website