Use a cream bleach for safe on-scalp bleaching

The Blondesse Cosmetic Bleaching cream contains Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil. This combinations of oils protect the scalp during the bleaching service and ensures that the scalp stays hydrated and soothed. Thanks to its creamy texture, application is easy and safe with more adhesion to the hair for full head and delicate lightening.

Its special composition with blue micro-pigments lightens up to 7-8 levels in a gradual and balanced way leaving the hair soft and protected. Blue pigments neutralise the undesired yellow-orange reflects during the gradual lightening process.

It is suitable of ALL hair types, both natural and coloured.


  • Can be used for any lightening techniques, especially full head bleaching
  • Recommended mixing ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 for a gentler lightening
  • Maximum processing time is 60 minutes
  • Do NOT add heat
  • Use with Inebrya oxidizing emulsion 10 to 40 Vol

Fast lightening with Blondesse Ultra Fast bleach

The Blondesse Ultra Fast 9-level lift bleach is a dust free, ultra-fine bleaching powder enriched with blue micro-pigments to neutralise unwanted brassy undertones.  Its special formula, lightens gradually up to 9 levels, leaving the hair protected. It is designed for fast and high-performance lightening to obtain super light blondes.

It contains Mango, Sesame and Aloe Vera for hydration and Blueberry, Grape Seed and Acai to invigorate the hair.

It is recommended for ALL hair types – both natural or coloured.


  • Suitable for all fashion techniques but best performance is achieved with full head bleaching or caps
  • Use a mixing ratio of 1:2 with Inebrya oxidizer for intense lightening
  • Use a mixing ratio of 1:2.5 with Inebrya oxidizer for intermediate lightening
  • Use a mixing ratio of 1:3 with Inebrya oxidizer for soft lightening
  • Recommended processing time is maximum 45 minutes
  • Do NOT add heat

No Yellow & No Orange

Treatments to neutralise undesired warm reflections in blonde and light brown hair.


This line is ideal for bleached, blonde and grey hair on levels 8-10, to obtain a cool tone.

It is concentrated with violet pigments, intensifies cold blonde tones by contrasting yellow reflections.  The formula contains hydrolysed silk protein, which have an extraordinary moisturising power and strengthens the hair fibre to prevent hair breakage. Grape seed extract contains Polyphenols and Resveratrol, that assist in strengthening the hair structure and acts as an anti-oxidant to preserve colour.

No-Yellow Shampoo

Anti-yellow shampoo that tones down unwanted yellow reflections on sun kissed effects, highlights and bleached hair. It can be used on grey hair to restore shine.

USE: Wearing protective gloves, apply to wet hair, massage, leave on from 1 to 5 minutes, lather and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Paraben and Silicon free

pH 5.1

No-Yellow Mask

Anti-yellow mask that neutralizes undesired yellow reflections leaving the hair soft and shiny.  Its rich and concentrated cream formula untangles, nourishes and moisturises bleached, blonde and grey hair.

USE: After shampoo, apply to towel-dried hair, massage evenly and comb. Leave on from 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off.

Paraben, Paraffin and Sulphate free

pH 3.5

No-Yellow Mousse

Anti-yellow rinse-off mousse conditioner for blonde, bleached or grey hair.  It neutralizes undesired yellow reflections leaving the hair soft and shiny. For fine hair it is recommended to use the mousse instead of the mask.

USE: Shake before using.  After shampoo, apply evenly to damp hair on lenghts and ends. Leave on from 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off.  Use gloves if necessary.

Vegan. Silicone and Sulphate free

pH 6

A comparison of the cleansing, toning and deposit capabilities of the 3 No-Yellow products:


This line is ideal for light brown to dark blonde tones on levels 6-7 or for highlighted hair.  It is concentrated with pure blue pigments to neutralise orange and copper reflections.  The formulation includes extracts of Bilberry, Raspberry and Blackberry.  Red berries such as these contain Resveratrol, Polyphenols and Vitamin C that prevents oxidative stress in hair. It also contains black carbon that detoxify and purify the hair, protecting it from pollutants.

No-Orange Shampoo

Anti-orange shampoo for light brown, colored or highlighted hair. It gently cleanses, moisturises and neutralizes orange and copper reflections, leaving hair shiny and hydrated.  Ideal for a subtle Icy Blue effect on natural white hair or platinum bleached hair.

USE: Wearing appropriate gloves, apply to wet hair, massage, leave on from 1 to 5 minutes, lather and rinse. Repeat the application if necessary.

Vegan. Silicone free

pH 6

No-Orange Mask

Anti-orange shampoo for light brown, colored or

Anti-orange mask for light brown, coloured or highlighted hair.  Detangles, nourishes and hydrates, neutralizing undesired orange/copper reflections. Ideal for a subtle icy blue effect on white hair.

USE: After shampoo, apply to the lenghts and ends of towel-dried hair, leave on from 3 to 5 minutes then rinse properly.  Use gloves if required.

Vegan. Sulphate free

pH 6

A comparison of the cleansing, toning and deposit capabilities of the 2 No-Orange products:

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Prevention is better than cure: The new Blondesse Miracle Gentle Lightener protect

The two biggest components in hair are keratin (a protein) and water, with keratin being the most significant. Keratin chains keep its structure via different bonds, being Saline bonds, Hydrogen bonds and disulphide bridges.  Chemical processes, heat styling, poor products, environmental factors, etc. can damage these bonds and result in different degrees of damaged hair.

Most new hair products released in the last few years focussed on the re-structuring of the disulphide bridges during and after the chemical service.  New research has shown that we cannot focus on the disulphide bridges alone but should in fact focus on the denaturation of the complete protein instead.

And that is where the new Blondesse Miracle Gentle Lightener comes in.  The Inebrya laboratory has functionalized an Osmo Protector active ingredient that can maintain the osmotic balance of hair proteins, protecting not only the sulphur bridges but also the keratin structure, which results in maximum hair hydration during and after the bleaching service.  The protection granted by the new patent pending system does not result from a strengthening of a single bond, but from a global efficacy that prevents the hair from losing its osmotic balance during the bleaching service.  In this way proteins do not undergo denaturation and the hair fibre is not damaged.

Remember that idiom “Prevention is better than cure”?  Well, now with the Blondesse Miracle Gentle Lightener you can prevent the damage from occurring in the first place and won’t have to waste time and money fixing it later.

This new bleach is ideal for people who have frequent bleaching and lightening services. Its formula is enriched with violet micro-pigments that neutralises the undesired pigment to achieve up to 7 levels of lightening. 

The powder is fragrance free to fully respect the scalp and to prevent allergies or intolerances to synthetic fragrances in clients and staff.  Thanks to new technology packaging, the packaging releases a pleasant fragrance through coloured pearls inside the cap.

The product achieves the best bleaching performances in a single step, keeping the physiological conditions of the hair intact, leaving the hair visibly restructured, shiny, controlled and moisturised.

Silicon free / Vegan / Paraffin free

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Blondesse – the essence of blonde

Blondesse is a professional line – versatile, safe and complete – to satisfy all the blond needs both in salon and at home.

Blond will always remain one of the most iconic and loved colours by women.  This is why bleach services are the most requested service, but also the most challenging because it can damage the hair structure and the final result may be different from the expectation.

Blondesse is the new professional line designed for ensuring natural or intense lightening with delicate or extreme results.  A complete and safe bleaching system that offers all the solutions to achieve an excellent technical service, with full respect for the hair structure.  A smart line, defined by speed of execution and simple application, that caters for every technical and creative need of colourists.

The Blondesse range consist of:

6 bleach solutions
To allow the stylist to choose the most suitable bleaching product for the desired technical result based on the hair structure;
10 toners
A colour palette to customise the blonde with trendy shades;
2 treatments
Products with intoxicating fragrances and textures to maintain a perfect result both in salon and at home.

Why you will love Blondesse:

  1. Incredible professional performance
  2. Protection of the hair fibre and scalp
  3. Patented technology
  4. Complete professional system
  5. Absolute versatility
  6. Fast execution
  7. Simple application
  8. Sensory comfort
  9. Home maintenance range
  10. Competitive pricing

Blondesse offers hairdressers all the products to express their creativity, ensuring competitiveness in the market and top product performance. 

A perfect colour, shining and lasting that respects the beauty of the hair.