Megix bleach – a 9-level lift bleach to satisfy all your lightening needs  

MEGIX Lift9 

Megix Lift9 is a luxurious lightening powder bleach that offers extraordinary cosmetic results.  The creamy consistency of the bleach offers you no swelling and no flaking during bleaching. 

Megix Lift9 uses pigment dissolving technology that assist with up to 9-levels of steady and constant lift in just 50 minutes.  The Pigment Dissolving technology offers cool pigments that is resistant to the bleaching process. It neutralizes warm pigments quickly, while using lower levels of developer to look after the integrity of the hair giving you beautiful cool blondes. 

It contains bamboo carbon extract that prevents dehydration and damage to the hair to maintain strength and integrity. 


Balayage and Freehand highlights:  Mixing ratio: 1:1 to 1:1.5 for 5 minutes to 50 minutes. 

Foil Highlights:  Mixing ratio: 1:1 to 1:2 for 5 minutes to 50 minutes. 

Full Head:  Mixing ratio: 1:2 on the roots and 1:3 for lengths. 

Recommended oxidizers to use:  Megix 12 – 40 Volumes 

Do NOT use heat. 

Continuously check the progress in 5–10-minute intervals. 

Should you need to do a second application, just scrape or wipe the current bleach off.  Re-apply with a lower developer.  Do NOT rinse with water. 

MEGIX Lift+ 

Megix Lift+ is a creamy additive that eliminates brassy undertones during the bleach process when used on levels 1-5. The unique technology with blue-green pigment is created to refine and neutralize unwanted yellow undertones. It is perfectly designed to work in synergy wit Megix Lift9 bleach. 

Megix Lift+ contains plant-based Complex assisting with the maintenance of the hair’s integrity and colour longevity, giving perfect control whilst neutralizing the warm undertones.  

Megix Lift+ reduces the processing time of Megix Lift9 bleach. 


Add to bleach powder in a ratio of 10:1. Then add developer in the normal ratios.   

E.g.  10 grams Megix Lift9 with 1gram Megix Lift+ with 22ml Megix Developer (1:2)