Get your UV protection on

We all love going to the beach.  We dress in our prettiest itsi-bitsi-bikini’s, armed with sunglasses and suntan lotion.  But how do you protect your hair while splashing around in the water?  The Argan-age Pro Age Oil is specifically formulated to be your sun protector this summer.  Spray over dry hair before sunbathing to protect your hair against sun damage, sea salt, chlorine, wind and smog.

If you are wise enough to stay away from the coast and avoid the summer rush, you can still protect your hair with any of these products that contain a sun filter and can be recommended for daily protection:

All products in the Argan range
All products in the Pro Color range
Keratin Bi-phase Conditioner
Keratin One
Keratin Mousse
Keratin Styler

Happy sunbathing!

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