STYLE-IN Styling has never been this easy

When people leave the salon, they often feel that it is hard to duplicate their new style at home.  Unfortunately that is true, because ever stylist brings their unique, professional and exclusive finishing touch to their hair creations – like an artist brings to his canvas.  Ice cream STYLE-IN is an ally for professionals to help create new styles.

Ice cream STYLE-IN – imported from Italy – is a complete range of products to meet all styling requirements.  It offers high performance and functionality and guarantees quality, reliability and duration.  Its innovative cutting-edge formulations are the new technology on the market and responds best to all the professionals’ styling needs.  It is enhanced with fashionable fragrances that make the styling moment even more pleasant and leave a wonderful sensation on the hair.

The range is grouped in 3 product lines, corresponding to the main styling requirements of the professional hairdresser:

  • Fixing – to give hold and definition to styles without weighing the hair down, for a lasting creative result
  • Shape – to enhance straight, curly or voluminous styles
  • Finishing – to add shine, hydration and protection to the style

The products gives ample choice to the stylist in terms of the hold required.  For ease of use the hold factor is indicated on the front of each product as a score out of 5 to make it easier for the stylist to choose the correct product for the style creation.  The products nourish and hydrate the hair and restore elasticity that allows for maximum creativity.  It protects the hair from thermal and mechanical stress, while adding unbelievable shine and luminosity.  They have pleasant fragrances and are quick drying, leaving the hair weightless.  The products do not leave build-up and can easily be removed by brushing or shampooing.

The range includes a new Curly mousse, specifically formulated for curly hair to make the curls soft, flexible hydrated and full of shine.  It also provides specific products to combat frizz in curly hair, to add volume to fine and lifeless hair or to facilitate smoothing and straightening.  It combats humidity and are anti-static.

With STYLE-IN anyone will have fashionable, easy to manage styles.  Whatever the style, whatever the need, Ice cream STYLE-IN can re-invent your style.  Try it today!

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