Still searching for the One?

Still searching for the One?

Still searching for the One?

With the vast number of hair products available on the market, it becomes very difficult to choose one product that is best for your hair.  There are various factors that you should consider, like:

  • Will the product suit your hair type?
  • Will the product be best for your hair texture?
  • Will the product address your specific hair problem?
  • Will the product fit your budget?

Inebrya Ice Cream has made it easy to find that ONE product that is right for your hair.  These 15-in-1 multi-action leave-in products will each address 15 common hair issues in 1 single bottle.

The Liss One is the ideal product to obtain smooth hair.  The product may be used on colored, bleached and chemically treated hair.  It has a progressive smoothing action.  It is rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, which stimulate the production of Keratin and Collagen.  It provides vitamins that defend and restructure the hair, nourishing and hydrating it in depth, protecting it from heat and leaving it extraordinary bright and shiny, yet soft and light. The diluted Glyoxylic agent is responsible for the progressive straightening and smoothing of the hair without altering the structure of the hair.  It instantly eliminates frizz, disciplines the hair and reduces its volume, leaving hair healthy and full of life.  It cuts time spent using straighteners and blow-dryers, thereby reducing the exposure of the hair to thermal and mechanical stress.  It is anti-humidity, anti-oxidizing and anti-static. This product is ideal for maintaining the smoothing effect of all other chemical straightening services.

The Volume One is the ideal product for obtaining total volume in fine, limp and lifeless hair.  The product uses essential amino acids to restructure and strengthen the hair fiber, effectively combating breaking.  It nourishes and hydrates the hair, leaving it soft, supple and full of life.  The product contains a polymer for a soft, natural hold, which boosts thickness and volume and provides support to any style.  It seals the cuticle for added shine.  It makes hair easier to brush, and protects hair from heat, reducing exposure to thermal and mechanical stress.  It is anti-frizz, anti-humidity and anti-static.

The Curl One is designed to create perfect curls.  It is suitable for curly, wavy or permed hair, guaranteeing hydrated, supple, shiny curls.  The regenerating properties of the natural proteins extracted from Maringa seeds are highly effective in boosting the body of curly hair.  Honey provides hydration that leaves the hair nourished and soft, without weighing the hair down.  Ceramides re-compacts and seals the cuticle for tamed, frizz-free curls.  It creates a perfect balance between control and definition of curls, for a more natural, versatile result than traditional styling products.  The hair is more supple and revitalized, with defined and separated curls with an extraordinary and long lasting shine.  The product perfectly seals the cuticle, and enhances both natural and cosmetic color. It perfectly detangles the hair and eliminates and prevents split ends.  It is anti-humidity and anti-smog and protects the hair during styling.

The Age One is a restructuring spray for mature, porous and treated hair.  The synergy of Collagen and Amino Acids repairs and strengthens structural damage of weakened and brittle hair that tends to break.  Constant use of the product visibly restructures, regenerates and rejuvenates the hair, progressively improving the hair’s appearance.  The effective action of the amino acids restores body and consistency and brings tone and flexibility to the hair.  It smooths the cuticle, leaving the hair extraordinary shiny with an enhanced color reflection.  It makes hair silky soft to the touch, eliminating frizz, leaving hair healthy and protected.  It brings support to the hair, without weighing it down, and makes styling easier and longer lasting.

The Keratin One is ideal for colored, treated and frizzy hair.  The synergy between Keratin and Ceramides gently restructures the hair.  It restores body & volume and has an effective anti-flyaway action.  The Bamboo extract has an effective anti-frizz, anti-humidity and anti-oxidizing action and leaves hair soft, nourished, hydrated and detangled.  The rich and creamy texture encourages weightless, grease-free, rapid absorption of the active principles to seal and re-compact the cuticle, effectively preventing and eliminating split ends.  During blow-drying hair is revitalized, regenerated and protected, it becomes easier and faster to style, making even the most frizzy and unruly hair easy to style when using flat irons.  The Sun filter prevents the formation of free radicals and enhances and prolongs the brilliance of cosmetic colors to counter photo-cellular ageing.

With these multi-action products you don’t have to have a cabinet full of products anymore.  You can choose ONE product that will give you everything you need.  Find your One today.

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