She-care – so that you don’t have to care about damaged hair

We put our hair through so much.  Chemical treatments, mechanical stress, thermal stress … and combine that with environmental hazards such as humidity, UVA and UVB and our hair doesn’t stand a chance.

Initially you will notice your hair becoming dry, coarse, hard to the touch and difficult to comb.  That is because the outside cuticle has started to deteriorate and erode.  It leaves the cortex exposed, resulting in excessive loss of Keratin, protein and minerals.  Then your hair becomes brittle and lifeless and you are left with easily broken hair with split ends.

An intensive and deep action becomes necessary in order to restore the internal structure of damaged hair, either by injecting protein into the hair fiber or by giving the hair emollient, nourishing and conditioning agents from the outside.

The cosmetic technology of Shecare products is characterized by an exclusive and synergic mix of Microkeratin, Grape stem cells and cotton oil, that favours the internal, structural process of Keragenesis in the hair fiber, even the most impoverished and deep areas.  The regenerative properties of Plant Stem Cells not only allow a faster penetration of micro-keratinizing molecules through the cuticle, but promote their stabilization and instant bonding.

The hair becomes amazingly full-bodied, healthy and vital, strengthened and soft, luminous and regenerated ever since the first application.

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