Rebel & Frizzy hair? Give your hair a LISS workout.

Tired of the daily struggle to calm your rebel tresses?  Do not want to expose yourself to chemical straightening systems or harmful fumes?  Then the Liss One is the ideal product for you.  Inebrya brings you the newest innovation to hair straightening.  The Liss One is an exclusive, ultra high-tech range for rebel and frizzy hair.  It is easy to use, and is an indispensable ally for hairdryers and straightening irons.  The product is suitable for coloured, bleached and chemically treated hair.

The progressive straightening effect is generated by a synergy of caviar and a special glioxylic agent.  The formula is activated with heat and with mechanical styling. The smoothing result is obtained with a “memory effect” over time, because the hair becomes accustomed to the characteristics of the product, instantly recognizing the disciplining effect.

The caviar, rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, stimulates the production of Keratin and Collagen.  It provides vitamins, defends and restructures the hair, nourishing and hydrating it in depth, protecting it from heat and leaving it extraordinary bright and shiny.

The Glioxylic straightening agent is responsible for the “memory effect”.  It is very diluted to guarantee maximum functionality and safety for a smoothing action on the outside of the hair, without chemically altering the inner structure.  It disciplines and defines with a lasting effect over time.

The Liss One is 1 Smoothing Spray with 15 Extraordinary Actions:

  1. Perfect smoothing that lasts up to 4 days or until the next shampoo
  2. Progressive smoothing – the more you use it, the longer the smoothing effect lasts
  3. Eliminates frizz instantly
  4. Cuts time spent using straighteners and blow-drying with a brush
  5. Disciplines the hair and reduces volume
  6. Leaves hair shiny and brilliant
  7. Leaves hair soft and light
  8. Leaves hair healthy and full of life
  9. Conditions and hydrates without weighing the hair down
  10. Regenerates, restructures and strengthens the hair
  11. Reduces the exposure to thermal and mechanical stress
  12. Defends hairstyle against humidity
  13. Protects the hair from smog and oxidation
  14. Combats static electricity in the hair
  15. Ideal for maintaining the smoothing effect obtained with all types of chemical straightening

The Liss One is paired with the Liss Perfect Shampoo and the Liss Perfect Mask.  The Shampoo and Mask both have a pH of 5.5 and contains the active principles of caviar, gardenia milk and shea butter.  The shampoo cleanses, nourishes and disciplines hair, leaving it extraordinary smooth, soft and silky.  It protects and regenerates hair, eliminating frizz.  The mask detangles and nourishes in depth for an immediate smoothing effect.  It eliminates frizz through an effective anti-humidity and anti-static action to leave hair silky, disciplined and shiny.

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