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Inebrya South Africa supports Earth Day 22 April

Inebrya South Africa are proud to be a supporter of Earth Day 22 April.

“We all have a moral duty to ensure that whatever we do today doesn’t compromise the needs of those who come after us.  None of us is the owner of the Earth.  We are all caretakers, and transient at that.  As transient caretakers, we have a duty to save the planet”.*  Inebrya South Africa realize that we all have a shared interest – to improve the quality of life on our planet by reducing the negative impacts on our environment.  That is why sustainable development and responsible business practices is one of our core values.

In support of this core value, Inebrya has created the Ice Cream Green range.  The Green range consist of environmentally low-impact products, created with more delicate formulations aimed at reducing and minimizing the risk of allergies and undesirable side effects.  All the products are enriched with NATURAL active principles that come from organic cultivation and are certified by Ecocert and IASC.  This minimizes the risk of allergies, intolerance and irritation, caused by substances such as perfumes, preservatives and nickel.

All the Ice cream Green products undergo strict and constant laboratory and production controls to certify that its formulations are:

  • SLS and SLES free
  • Paraben free
  • Colorant free
  • Fragrance free or with fragrances that does not cause allergies
  • and with a quantity of nickel, chrome and cobalt that is 10 times below the European guidelines (less than 0,00001%)
  • The Green Post Treatment range are free from any sulfates, Sodium Chloride and free from MEA, TEA and DEA.

And these all come in recyclable packaging.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, Inebrya SA is running a project in which used cardboard paper boxes are re-used and re-branded to deliver our products to customers, instead of using plastic bags.  Be on the look-out for one of these recycled boxes at your closest salon.

*  Extract from Transient Caretakers by Mervyn King