Inebrya loves your curls. Now you can too – with Curl One

You think your hair looks like a mess, but everyone else loves it.  Straight-haired girls will resort to chemical processes to have it.  Inebrya Ice cream Curly Plus has now made it a bit easier for you to enjoy your curls and love it for what it is.  We looked at common curly hair problems and formulated a product range to make life a bit easier for you:

  1. Breakage

Everyday wear and tear – brushing, blow-drying, and styling – will damage your hair.  Yet you have to resort to a curling wand more often than not, to maintain some sense of control.  And blow-drying can take up an hour of your day.  Curl One will protect your hair during styling so that you can style away, knowing that your curls are protected.  The range contains Moringa extract which is rich in Vitamin A and C, proteins and minerals that revitalizes and strengthens the hair fiber and combats damage.

  1. Split ends

Damage is first evident in the ends as it has been more exposed to wear and tear and receives less nourishment from the scalp than the roots.  Curl One will seal the cuticle to prevent damage and split ends.

  1. Humidity

Hair expands when exposed to dampness.  So now you’ve spend an hour styling, but when you stick your head out the door you are double in volume.  Curl One will form a protective layer around the hair shaft to reduce the absorption of moisture in humid conditions.

  1. Frizz

Curly hair tends to have more frizz than straight hair because of dehydration in the strands, which leaves it more vulnerable.  The active ingredients in the Curl One has an effective smoothing action that leaves the hair soft and hydrated.

  1. Dryness

That feeling when you touch you hair and all you hear is “crunch”.  Soft curls are difficult to achieve without using excessive amounts of conditioning products.  The Curl One contains Moringa Extract and Honey, that effectively hydrates and nourishes the hair in depth to leave hair soft to the touch, without weighing it down for soft, defined, separate curls.

  1. Shampoo to conditioner ratio

Due to the need for hydration, you go through conditioners and masks at a rate double to your shampoo.  The Curly plus range has taken this into account:  The shampoo comes and 300ml and the mask in 500ml, to compensate for the extra hydration required.  Yet the shampoo itself, also has hydrating properties.  So even during shampooing the delicate moisture is replenished and maintained.

  1. Cost

You tend to use so many products to maintain your hydration and style so you end up spending a fortune every month for good quality products.  The Curly plus range is ultra-effective yet ultra-affordable.  And with the Curl One, you have one product that can give you 15 results!

  1. Dullness

It is so difficult to obtain shine in curly hair forcing you to turn to glossing sprays and silicone products to get extra shine.  Curl One will smooth out the cuticles for better light reflection to obtain instant shine, and will revitalize your natural or cosmetic color, without adding weight to the hair.

  1. Tangles

The follicle structure of curls is more prone to tangles and it is impossible to brush curly hair – so knots are a constant problem.  The Curl One is an effective detangler making combing a pleasure.

Curl One is the ideal product for obtaining perfect curls and a soft, natural yet defined look.  It is suitable for curly, wavy or permed hair, guaranteeing hydrated, supple shiny curls.

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