Inebrya Keratin treatments

Keratin is a resistant fibrous protein present in high concentrations in the cells that make up the hair structure and it is composed of chains of amino acids, including Cysteine – an amino acid rich in sulphur.  Cysteine molecules are united by very solid disulphide bonds that permit the keratin chains to remain tightly bonded, giving the hair its shape, consistency, resistance and firmness.

However, prolonged use of chemical services (e.g. perms, colour, bleach, straightening, etc), exposure to harmful environmental factors (e.g. UV rays, heat, chlorine, etc.), physical treatments (curl tongs, straigthening irons, blow-dryers, etc.), some medicines, stress and biological conditions, can damage the keratin structure.

When the disulphide bonds are damaged and the Cysteine molecules separate, hair becomes fragile and can break, its structure is stressed and split ends form. As a consequence, hair loses its strength and elasticity, it becomes difficult to style and always looks untidy.

This damage can be repaired and prevented by the use of products enhanced with Keratin, micro-keratin, ceramides. oils, etc.  Have a look at the full range of Keratin products brought to you by Inebrya – Ice cream, perfectly formulated to repair damage and restore hair to a lustrous shine.

  • Restructuring Shampoo – Sulfate free cleansing, restructures, hydrates and nourish
  • Restructuring Mask – Conditions, restructures, detangles and eliminates frizz
  • Milk Spray – Conditions, hydrates, detangles and restores shine
  • Bi-phase Conditioner – Leave-in conditioner that restructures, protects and eliminates frizz
  • Keratin One – Conditioning Multi-Action spray with 15 actions!!!
  • Keratin Oil Elixir – Conditions, restructures, hydrates, detangles, restore shine, adds weightless body and thickness
  • Restructuring Lotion – Restructures, nourishes, strengthens, detangles and restore shine (Concentrated formula)
  • Keratin Texturizer – Gives body and texture whilst restructuring and protecting. Anti-frizz and anti-static.
  • Velvet Cream – Leave-in cream for the treatment of split ends
  • Keratin Mousse – Medium hold. Gives texture and volume whilst restructuring and protecting.
  • Restructuring Serum – Leave in serum to smooth and shine, whilst restructuring, sealing and detangling
  • Keratin Styler – Facilitates styling.  Restores, hydrates, protects, restores shine and eliminates frizz.
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