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POPI is here, but no need to fear

Did you know that hairstylists must comply with the new POPI Act?

Most of the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2014 (“The POPI Act”), came into effect on 1 July 2021.  What does it mean for you as hairstylist?

The POPI Act defines a “private body” as any natural person or partnership who carries on any trade, business or profession, or any juristic person (i.e., Company or CC).  So therefore, even if you are a one-man-band, you must comply with the provisions of the POPI Act.

So, what is the POPI Act about?  The aim of the Act is to protect a person’s privacy and force private and public bodies to do the utmost to ensure that any personal information that they hold is protected against theft, loss or misuse.

So, it really is a good thing.

Let us quickly see what kind of information that is typically collected by hairstylists or recorded on their client cards, falls under the POPI Act, e.g.:

  • Name & surname
  • Contact number(s)
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • ID number, date of birth and/or age
  • Physical condition (i.e., allergies, medical history)

If you have staff working for you, you would also hold additional information such as:

  • Trade union membership
  • Education and training history
  • Employment history

All this information must meet the 8 conditions of lawful processing, as described by the POPI Act:

  1.  Accountability:  Someone in the private/public body must take responsibility for and can be held accountable for the safekeeping and protection of personal information in its possession.  This person must be registered on the Information Officer registration portal:
  2. Processing limitation:  You must hold only the minimum amount of information that you need to perform your service or supply your products, i.e., if it is not necessary that record your client’s ID number, then don’t.
  3. Purpose specification:  You must tell your client why you are collecting the information, and you may only use it for that purpose.  If you no longer need it, it must be destroyed.
  4. Further processing limitation:  You can’t do anything else with that information than what it was originally collected for, which getting prior consent for the person.  You may also not share any information with third parties unless you acquire consent or are legally obligated to.
  5. Information quality:  You must ensure that all information that you have is correct and up to date.  Any incorrect and outdated information must be destroyed.
  6. Openness:  You must always confer with your client in what information you collect and why.  They must have access thereto to ensure that it is accurate and complete.
  7. Security safeguards:  You must do everything in your power to keep the information safe, I.e., manual client cards should be locked away in a safe place, electronic systems must be password protected and regularly backed up, etc.  If there is any breach of your security, you must inform the client and Regulator asap.
  8. Data subject participation:  Your clients may request you to change or deleted records at any time and you must comply as far as possible.

So, the crux of the matter is:

  • You must obtain consent from your clients to hold certain personal information and
  • You must do everything in your power to keep that information safe and secure.

If you need any assistance with regards to the implementation of the POPI Act at your salon, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can send you FREE examples of:

  • POPI Checklist
  • POPI Manual
  • POPI Assessment
  • Privacy policy

For assistance please Email or WhatsApp +27 18 468 1001.

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Inebrya color upgrade

3 new series – 9 new nuancesNow available in SA!

Stimulate and excite your creativity with our 3 new series:
Cognac, Powder & Cashmere

Maximum intensity
Precise, soft & silky tones
Elegant results
100% grey coverage
New eco friendly packaging


A fantasy series with copper reflections, toned down by secondary violet reflections, for a delicate, glam result.
Aloe Vera and Linseed Oil provides hydration and relief to the scalp, restoring its Ph balance.

100% grey coverage
8/42          9/42          10/42
Mix:  1:1.5 with 10 to 40 Vol for 25-40 minutes


A series of elegant, sophisticated, powdery light blonde tones with a subtle pinkish tinge.
Aloe Vera and Linseed Oil provides hydration and relief to the scalp, restoring its Ph balance.

100% grey coverage
8/27          10/12          10/21
Mix:  1:1.5 with 10 to 40 Vol for 25-40 minutes


Series of brown tones that tend towards a cool reflection with sophisticated notes given by the dark brown secondary reflection.
Aloe Vera and Linseed Oil provides hydration and relief to the scalp, restoring its Ph balance.

100% grey coverage
5/17          7/17          9/17
Mix:  1:1.5 with 10 to 40 Vol for 25-40 minutes

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Smartstrips: Foils that breathe

Smartstrips is the first breathable highlight strip that allows the perfect amount of oxygen in and expels damaging gases out.

Too much oxygen during balayage and the blonding cream or powder oxidizes and loses its lifting power. No oxygen (when wrapped in foil, paper, or other meche brands) and the mixture swells due to toxic gases.  This hamper painting creativity, as well as increases the risk of overprocessing the ends or previously lightened hair.

The special composition of strips enables the entrance of the right amount of oxygen to obtain the lightening effects and the vent of gas that is harmful for the hair fibre.  They allow enough oxygen to stabilize the mixture during the process, while preventing total oxygen flow that would over-oxidize. The result allows the product to stay fresh longer and perform at optimum capacity fuelled by oxygen to achieve incredible results.  This occurs while ventilating the corrosive damaging chemical fumes that foil traps in – such as ammonia.

SMARTSTRIPS are Eco-friendly: they are not only easy to recycle, but they also strongly reduce their environmental impact since they are produced without using water or trees.  This revolutionary material is made up of 70% calcium carbonate and 30% polyethylene, that reduces the use of plastic resin by 55 to 70% when compared to most products present on the market.

SMARTSTRIPS are the future of bleaching techniques, bridging the gap between balayage and traditional highlighting.

For prices and specials, email or WhatsApp +27 18 468 1001.

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Prevention is better than cure: The new Blondesse Miracle Gentle Lightener protect

The two biggest components in hair are keratin (a protein) and water, with keratin being the most significant. Keratin chains keep its structure via different bonds, being Saline bonds, Hydrogen bonds and disulphide bridges.  Chemical processes, heat styling, poor products, environmental factors, etc. can damage these bonds and result in different degrees of damaged hair.

Most new hair products released in the last few years focussed on the re-structuring of the disulphide bridges during and after the chemical service.  New research has shown that we cannot focus on the disulphide bridges alone but should in fact focus on the denaturation of the complete protein instead.

And that is where the new Blondesse Miracle Gentle Lightener comes in.  The Inebrya laboratory has functionalized an Osmo Protector active ingredient that can maintain the osmotic balance of hair proteins, protecting not only the sulphur bridges but also the keratin structure, which results in maximum hair hydration during and after the bleaching service.  The protection granted by the new patent pending system does not result from a strengthening of a single bond, but from a global efficacy that prevents the hair from losing its osmotic balance during the bleaching service.  In this way proteins do not undergo denaturation and the hair fibre is not damaged.

Remember that idiom “Prevention is better than cure”?  Well, now with the Blondesse Miracle Gentle Lightener you can prevent the damage from occurring in the first place and won’t have to waste time and money fixing it later.

This new bleach is ideal for people who have frequent bleaching and lightening services. Its formula is enriched with violet micro-pigments that neutralises the undesired pigment to achieve up to 7 levels of lightening. 

The powder is fragrance free to fully respect the scalp and to prevent allergies or intolerances to synthetic fragrances in clients and staff.  Thanks to new technology packaging, the packaging releases a pleasant fragrance through coloured pearls inside the cap.

The product achieves the best bleaching performances in a single step, keeping the physiological conditions of the hair intact, leaving the hair visibly restructured, shiny, controlled and moisturised.

Silicon free / Vegan / Paraffin free

 Further reading recommended:

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Blondesse – the essence of blonde

Blondesse is a professional line – versatile, safe and complete – to satisfy all the blond needs both in salon and at home.

Blond will always remain one of the most iconic and loved colours by women.  This is why bleach services are the most requested service, but also the most challenging because it can damage the hair structure and the final result may be different from the expectation.

Blondesse is the new professional line designed for ensuring natural or intense lightening with delicate or extreme results.  A complete and safe bleaching system that offers all the solutions to achieve an excellent technical service, with full respect for the hair structure.  A smart line, defined by speed of execution and simple application, that caters for every technical and creative need of colourists.

The Blondesse range consist of:

6 bleach solutions
To allow the stylist to choose the most suitable bleaching product for the desired technical result based on the hair structure;
10 toners
A colour palette to customise the blonde with trendy shades;
2 treatments
Products with intoxicating fragrances and textures to maintain a perfect result both in salon and at home.

Why you will love Blondesse:

  1. Incredible professional performance
  2. Protection of the hair fibre and scalp
  3. Patented technology
  4. Complete professional system
  5. Absolute versatility
  6. Fast execution
  7. Simple application
  8. Sensory comfort
  9. Home maintenance range
  10. Competitive pricing

Blondesse offers hairdressers all the products to express their creativity, ensuring competitiveness in the market and top product performance. 

A perfect colour, shining and lasting that respects the beauty of the hair.

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Re-opening your hair salon: Tips and recommendations

In a few weeks you will hopefully be able to re-open your salon.  So it is prudent to plan in advance how to keep your staff and your customers safe, and how to manage the expectations and fears of your clients.


  • Keep ALL your clients updated on when you expect to re-open, as well as on the procedures that you will put in place to keep them safe.
  • Communicate your adjusted working hours to clients in advance.  If you have more than one stylist, consider rotating and scheduling their hours to limit the amount of stylists in the salon at any given time.
  • Advise your clients that pre-booking is essential and that no walk-ins will be accommodated, because of the limited amount of people allowed in the salon at any given time.
  • Advise clients that they must attend their booking alone, without their children or any friends, unless the client needs special assistance (which must be communicated to and agreed with you beforehand).
  • Start taking appointments as soon as the open date for salons have been announced.
  • Give preferential bookings to clients that bought vouchers during lockdown.

Organizational preparations

  • Ensure that your salon is clean and sanitised before re-opening.
  • Re-organise your salon if necessary, ensuring at least 1.5 – 2 meters between workstations, basins, etc. 
  • Pre-buy your disposables (gowns, towels, etc.), gloves, sanitizers and stock.
  • Prepare upfront how you will communicate your hygiene protocols to clients, e.g. will you put up posters to inform them of general preventative measures, will you require signs to sanitising stations, etc.
  • Prepare a Dreaded disease policy and work plan in terms of the regulations
  • Prepare and pre-print sufficient customer register and health review screening test sheets and have them ready for customers to complete when entering.
  • Ensure that all your staff receives the necessary PPE to ensure that they can perform their duties in safety.
  • Ensure that all your staff are properly trained on all the health and safety protocols prior to opening of your salon.


  • Include a section on sanitising practices to be used in your Dreaded disease policy.
  • Ensure that sufficient fresh air are available.
  • Sanitise all work areas and tools every morning and between all services.  This includes work surfaces, basins, brushes, combs, aprons, capes, etc.
  • Consider using disposable capes and towels.  If not, a single use policy should be applied and sufficient capes and towels must be available to ensure proper washing and heat drying after each use.
  • Offer a disposable bag, locker (if available) or container to customers in which to store personal items (incl. handbags, jewellery, coats, etc.)
  • Cleaning and sanitising of share spaces e.g. toilets must be done daily.
  • Wash every client’s hair before any service. No dry services and cutting should be allowed.
  • Hand sanitizer should be available at each workstation, as well as at critical areas, e.g. entrance, pay point, retail stand, etc.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces after every service, including mirrors, card machines, etc.
  • Avoid the receipt of cash payments as far as possible.

Social distancing

  • Customers must wear masks as far as possible.
  • Safety devices should be used at all times.
  • Minimum distances between clients should be maintained at all times.
  • Enforce booking times and do not allow customers to enter the premises outside of their allocated appointment time.
  • Remove all newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Try to communicate with your client through the mirror most times, and not face-to-face.

Should your require any assistance with the preparation of a work plan, health screening review or other document referred to here, please send an email to

This document is intended as a mere guide for the management of COVID-19 in your hair salon and do not in any way replace protocols and regulations issued by government and do not guarantee health and non-transmission in the workplace.

Source:  Pettenon Cosmetics

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Can I apply for a permit to perform hairdressing services?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the issuing of permits to provide essential goods and services.  But in short:

  • “Haircare” is defined as an essential good.
  • But hairdressing services are NOT an essential service.
  • To sell haircare you must have a permit.
  • Permits are not only for companies or closed corporations.  Sole proprietors can obtain permits as well.
  • You cannot obtain a permit for the provision of hairdressing services, only for the retail of haircare.

Herewith the details in support of our summary:

First of all, we need to know what “essential goods and services” are.  The list of essential goods and services are defined in the Disaster Management Act and the Regulations thereto.  Annexure B includes “Personal toiletries, including haircare, body and face washes…”.  Also now, with the move to Level 4 from 1 May, “personal toiletries, including haircare…” is included under E.  Wholesale and retail trade.

So, you may continue to sell haircare to your clients.

Do you need a permit to do that?  Yes you do.

In a guideline issued by the Department of Trade and Industry ( it is clearly stated that should you with to supply essential goods or services during the lockdown levels, you must have a permit.  But it is not just companies or closed corporations that may have permits, it is also available to sole proprietors.

Companies and closed corporations that are registered with the CIPC MAY (it is not compulsory) apply for certification through the Bizportal website ( 

Sole proprietors can still obtain a permit, by completing Form 2 of the Level 4 Regulations for them and their staff.  This is your permit to retail haircare to your clients.  When stopped by enforcement officials, you must be able to produce this permit and a photo ID.  The head of the business must ensure full compliance with all requirements of the Act and will be held responsible if they issue permits without being allowed to.

You do not have to register a company to be able to obtain a permit.

For an editable Word version of Form 2 that you can copy and paste on your letterhead, email to request a softcopy.

Can you apply for a permit to perform hairdressing services?  No, you cannot.  As hairdressing services are not allowed under Level 4.  No permit will allow you to perform services that are specifically excluded from the current level.

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Why you should be using drop shipping now and in the near future

With the Covid-19 lockdown, you will notice that many of the wholesale hair suppliers are advertising that they will ship directly to your customer.  That is nothing other than drop shipping.

Drop shipping has been around for ages and is a well-established supply chain management method but has really come to the forefront now with the Covid-19 lockdown in place.  With drop shipping, the retailer (i.e. you – the salon owner) receives an order from your client (i.e. the end user) but instead of fulfilling the order yourself with stock that you’ve pre-bought, you transfer the order to your wholesaler (i.e. the supplier) for delivery and shipment directly to your client.

How it works:

  1. Your customer places an order with you.
  2. Your client pays you at retail price for the products and shipping, if applicable.
  3. You send the order to us (via WhatsApp, phone, email or via the website).
  4. We invoice you at salon price for the products and shipping, if applicable.
  5. You pay us.
  6. We prepare the order.
  7. We deliver directly to your customer.

What are the advantages of drop shipping to you as salon owner?

  • You do not have to pre-buy any stock.  This will alleviate the burden on your cash flow dramatically and you will have more cash available for other obligations, such as wages or rent.
  • You do not have to carry any stock.  This will free up space in your salon for service stations.  Furthermore, you do not have stock to insure, thus a further saving on insurance in case of fire or theft.
  • You do not have to struggle to recover money from your clients as shipment will not occur before payment is received.  No payment, no delivery, no risk to you later on.
  • You can now earn an income from anywhere, anytime and is not restricted to your salon.  So whether you are at home for the lockdown or on Christmas vacation, drop shipping is available to supply your customers immediately.
  • You never have to handle stock yourself.  No packaging costs, no tracking of orders.
  • With drop shipping you can offer clients a bigger selection of products since you do not have to buy the stock upfront with limited cash resources available.

How we do drop shipping differently:

  • You earn your profit immediately… before shipping.  Your client still pays you directly at retail price.  You only pay us salon price.  Your profit is immediately yours and you do not have to wait for the wholesaler to calculate and pay out any commission that is due to you.
  • We do not compromise your margin.  The same retail and salon prices applies as if you pre-bought the stock from us.  No extra subscription, handling or administration fees are charged.
  • You can place orders via any means you choose (i.e. WhatsApp, phone or email) and is not forced to place orders on our website.  The latter does hold the advantage that you will immediately be able to see whether any products are out of stock.  That feature is not available if you place orders via WhatsApp or email.
  • As we are a professional haircare range, we do not sell directly to the public.  You register your salon on our website and place the order on behalf of your client, using their address as the delivery address.  Except for delivering the products to your client, we have no further dealings with your client.  He/she remains your client at all times and we cannot poach them from you.
  • We provide you with electronic or online product catalogues and product information.  But you decide yourself which products you want to market to your clients.  No forced bulk purchases or combo deals from us. Let us know if you want us to send you product catelogues and pricelists by emailing
  • Our normal rules for shipping applies.  We ship free on all orders over R1000.  For orders under R1 000 as shipping fee of R100 applies.  It is totally your choice as to whether you want to absorb this cost yourself or on-charge it to your client. 
  • We have no minimum orders or opening order quantities.  If your client wants to order 1 shampoo we will deliver 1 shampoo.  Normal freight rules apply.

Everyone is switching to drop shipping.  Maybe it is time that you do to.

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How to use a colour corrector / intensifier as a fashion colour

You give your client the colour chart and you see that she is aiming in the direction of the correctors on the chart going absolutely crazy about the amazing vibrant “fashion colours”.  And inside of your mind you are screaming … Nooooo! … Please don’t! … Please choose another colour!

Oh the agony….

Then she puts her finger on that intense violet and says: “I want this”.  So with your amazing Colgate smile you try to the best of your ability to explain to her that it is not a fashion colour and it’s not supposed to be used on its own and that you will not be able to get her hair that colour, etc. etc. etc.

Sigh …

Now we know that correctors are mainly used for intensifying a colour by mixing it with the colour, or to do a colour correction by adding the contrasting colour to neutralize unwanted undertones.  But who has not tried using a corrector / intensifier on its own only to feel betrayed when it only lasts 2 or 3 washes, wishing that it could last longer.  So what if there was a way?

If you have pre-lightened hair and want to apply a vibrant colour, and have it last longer, try mixing it with a level 10 colour that already has that corrector’s undertone. For example… using Inebrya’s 10/11(has a blue undertone) with the blue corrector will give you a vibrant blue that will last longer because there is more pigment that can penetrate the hair with the blue corrector to give you that intense blue colour.  That will make the colour last longer. Or try Inebrya’s 10/22 (has a violet undertone) with the violet corrector for that intense violet.

If used by itself, the mixing ratio for the corrector is 1:2.

For use as a colour correction or intensifier add up to ¼ corrector / intensifier to the prepared color mix (normal ratio 1:1.5) without adding extra developer.

When used as a “fashion colour” mix the corrector / intensifier 1:1 with the base colour and add 1.5 times developer to the total colour mixture.

Remember the correctors are there to intensify or neutralize, so tell your client that it is not a permanent colour on its own and that she will still get fading, but with this mixture it will last longer.

So remember to breathe, inform your clients and do what you know best to do……

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Losing hair more than usual?

Taking a shower and clumps of hair gets tangled in your hands or stick to every part of your body can be more than enough to ruin your day and send you into a stress frenzy about going bold.  A few hours later and you are having a full blown panic attack because Google said you have cancer or one or other fatal illness.  Just breathe and relax… it could as simple as seasonal hair loss.  Yes, it is actually a thing.

Let’s have a quick look at the life cycle of hair…

It’s divided into three phases:

Anagen (growth) phase: Average hair growth is about 1cm per month, a bit faster in summer. This phase lasts about 2 to 6 years.

Catagen (intermediate) phase: This is a short transitional phase at the end of the growth phase that lasts approximately 10 days.

Telogen (resting/end) phase: This is the resting phase where the hair shaft is released and falls out.  We shed about 50 to 100 hairs per day.  The hair follicle remains inactive for 3 months and the entire process is repeated.  Each hair follicle goes through the growth phase at different times… thank goodness, otherwise we would’ve been bold for a few months!

Scientific studies have found that hair loss is higher in summer and late fall.  Funny enough, people search for “Hair loss” on Google more in the summer, confirming that the science is aligned to actual experiences. 

So why is it that we experience more hair loss during summer?

Some researchers suggested that hair (and fur) provides warmth, which is not necessary during summer months. So, it’s possible that humans evolved to grow more hair throughout the winter, when it can act as a “blanket” against the miserable cold, and shed it in the summer when we don’t need it anymore.

So, losing more hair during a specific season is pretty normal. There are certain stressors that have an impact on hair loss (like giving birth, losing large amounts of weight, undergoing surgery, having thyroid problems and so on). If you are experiencing abnormal hair loss it is always recommended to go see a doctor.