Anti-age treatments dedicated for all woman over 35

From the ages of 35-40, the hair structure tends to be dull, lifeless, dehydrated, fragile and thinning. It becomes visibly porous and difficult to comb.  Also, cosmetic colors tend to fade faster and styling does not last as long as it once did.  Therefore, in time it becomes very important for the hair structure to receive extra care and specific anti-age substances to integrate both internal and external deficiencies in order to recover lost youth and vitality.

Inebrya Ice cream Age Therapy aims to visibly reduce the signs of ageing on mature, porous and treated hair by restoring strength, leaving hair easier to comb, without weighing the hair down.

Age Therapy – inspired by the unique and exceptionally effective properties of Collagen and Elastine, strengthened by the unique and exclusive benefits of Sapphire micro-crystals for healthy, vital and young looking hair.

Collagen is a natural protein that revitalizes hair to restore strength, body and volume.  Elastine is a protein that leaves the hair fibre more supple and stronger.  The Sapphire micro-crystals have precious illuminating, anti-oxidizing and regenerating properties.  These are added to fine Oil of Cotton, that nourishes and softens the hair, whilst countering the effects of free radicals.

The Age Therapy range is SLS/SLES free.

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