3 shades of Naturals

The Inebrya colour range offers 3 different naturals, i.e. Pure natural, Natural (/0) and Intense Natural (/00).

The pure is formulated with pure pigments, free from minerals, residues and impurities.  It gives 100% grey coverage for maximum natural effect and long lasting colour stability.  It is ideal for porous, stressed and brittle structures with poor color retention.  Also recommended for pre-pig.

The Intense natural (/00) is formulated for extra grey cover for grey har, whilst maintaining natural looking colour.

Remember the predominant pigment in each differs.  Pure – blue, Intense – yellow, Natural – green/yellow.  So be careful if you want to add a natural to your colour mix because it may end up neutralising your fashion colour, i.e. If you are colouring with a /66f do not mix with the Natural (/0) as the green may neutralise your red.  Rater use the Intense (/00).

Guide:  Ash /1 – Natural /0.  Violet /22 or Iris /9 – Pure.  Matt /8 – Natural /0.  Tropical /7 and Tobacco /73 – Intense /00.  Red / 66 – Intense /00.

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